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1      Problem Statement: With Software changes and releases becoming frequent, platform providers can supply their customers with an API. APIs can enable platform users to write their code and perform various activities at the code level without using the platform’s UI. This API architecture undermines the core selling point of RPA. RPA is a brilliant […]
How does Mars Inc balance Profit with Purpose
What other ostentatious companies in the food and beverage industry like Coca-Cola can learn from them? Everything, from doing business right to taking care of stakeholders and the environment. Note: Mars is as big a behemoth as Coca-Cola. Forrest Mars Sr, the founder of Marc Inc, had a brilliant business idea forged out of a eureka […]
Even though stone and wooden houses have become more popular among the Eskimos, they still construct the igloo for special occasions or while on a journey. It is quickly built and it defies any kind of weather.AN and A 50 trench centimetres is cut about deep 1.5 in a metres new snow-long drift. Then, from […]
Speed of light
While we can’t fully explain light, we can measure it quite accurately. We have a pretty good idea of how fast light travels. Since a light year is merely the distance that a beam of light will travel in a year, the real light year discovery had to do with measuring the speed. This was […]
The moon doesn’t look as if it’s very far away, but its distance from the earth averages 239,000 miles. The diameter of the moon is 2,160 miles, or less than the distance across the United States. But when the moon is observed with a very large telescope, it looks as if it were only about […]
If the thing is digital most probably it can be found on torrent sharing websites. with blockchain art or sny other digital media can be sold in the form of NFT (non-fungible tokens) on blockchain. —What is NFT?—NFT is for Non-Fungible Token, something like Certificate of Authenticity. In real life, classic artwork and valuable, historical […]
If we average four minutes per tweet , Donald Trump wasted 65+ Working days in his office, tweeting! The Ex President of United states got banned on twitter and a few other social media platforms. The twitter ban comes just two weeks before is last day at the white house. The ban was helpful and […]
Short squeezes, gamma squeezes, and the GameStop drama
Introduction Video game retailer GameStop is up nearly 800% in the last two weeks. The story of how this happened makes for both an entertaining soap opera and an educational example of some market-making forces every trader should be aware of: short squeezes and gamma squeezes. Buckle in to learn how reddit vigilantes took on activist short-sellers […]
Continuous Delivery
Introduction What is Continuous Delivery Before we start to understand Continuous Delivery, we shall take a small detour of what DevOps is. It is a combination of cultural philosophies, practices, and tools that increase an organisation’s ability to deliver applications and services at high velocity. This, in turn, helps products and applications develop at a […]
Have you decided to put up a solar system at home. If yes then you should look at this to calculate the estimated savings and costs that are involved and what type of system are you going to use. Estimate your load requirements Find out what loads you will be using for your inverter setup. […]