Limited Free Speech

If we average four minutes per tweet , Donald Trump wasted 65+ Working days in his office, tweeting!

The Ex President of United states got banned on twitter and a few other social media platforms. The twitter ban comes just two weeks before is last day at the white house. The ban was helpful and much needed as his twitter was a whirlwind of lies and blames. But there goes 5 points from Free Speech.

These social media companies may have the legal right to do so. I haven’t read the terms and conditions before signing up. But i am sure there lies a clause where they can do as they wish. The only thing that is troubling is the timing of this ban. Twitter cited a “risk of further incitement of violence” by Mr Trump.

The way one has to see that these decision were made by the whims of executives who are in total control. No one is questioning that the intent was to protect the democracy. Perhaps there was some other ulterior motives we don’t know of. Angela Merkel, Germany’s leader, said that private firms should not determine speech rules. Alexei Navalny, a Russian dissident, decried an “unacceptable act of censorship”

There seems to be only one solution that comes to mind. Increase competition. Be it a brick and mortar or online platform the solution is more competition. Users need to have a way to ditch one and move to the next where they fee their rights are protected. As the EU is fighting against the black box AI algorithms such decision of banning need to be more transparent and predictable. The other part also need to have the legal right to defend.. I would have agreed if the ban happened when this nuisance of tweets began.

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