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Banks are the institutions that deals in money and its substitutes and provide other financial services. The main function of a bank is to act as an intermediary between money surplus units (lenders) and money deficit units (borrowers). Bank also does the job of an advisor or analyst that evaluates various money deficit units so […]
What is Banking?Banking can be defined as the business activity of accepting and safeguarding money owned by other individuals, and for earning profit they lend this money. But as the time passes by the activities covered by banking business have widened and now various other services are also offered by banks. Banking services issue debit […]
investment portfolio
All commercial banks invest. What they do is that they take the money received from the regular banking transactions and put them in investments. To manage the funds properly they need an investment portfolio so which allows them to utilize the funds in an effective manner and also generate enough profits. The investments made by […]