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Credit card
INTRODUCTIONCredit appraisal means an investigation done by a bank before providing any advances, loans or project finance. Banks also check the financial, commercial & technical viability of the project proposed its funding pattern & further checks the primary & collateral security cover available for recovery of such funds.Credit Appraisal is a process to ascertain the […]
Maturity Gap
Maturity OverviewThe distinction between the normal development of advantages and liabilities is called development hole. At the point when the development crevice is equivalent to zero progressions in investment rates will bring about equivalent however counterbalancing changes in the estimation of advantages and liabilities and net pay. Along those lines it is all conceivable to […]
Income Inequality
DEFINITION:What is an income? Income is the revenue that comes from wages salaries interest on investment, dividends and profits from selling items.Income inequality is a situation in the economy where there is not an equal distribution of income or reserves among the population of a country. In a capitalist economy where the pie is there […]
investment portfolio
All commercial banks invest. What they do is that they take the money received from the regular banking transactions and put them in investments. To manage the funds properly they need an investment portfolio so which allows them to utilize the funds in an effective manner and also generate enough profits. The investments made by […]
Approach to Investments
Introduction Duration Based Approach in investment depends on the investment goals and time frames, the amount of risks that can be taken and the income and tax structure. Investments on the basis of duration could be classified as: Short-Term, Medium Term or Long Term . Short Term Investment: Investments made by an individual or organisation […]