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If we average four minutes per tweet , Donald Trump wasted 65+ Working days in his office, tweeting! The Ex President of United states got banned on twitter and a few other social media platforms. The twitter ban comes just two weeks before is last day at the white house. The ban was helpful and […]
where did we go wrong ?
All things bright and beautiful, All creatures big and small, All thing wise and wonderful, The good lord made them all. I don’t know why but suddenly one day this tune came to my mind and I started humming it. Tracing back my memory in time, I found where I had learnt it. In the […]
Just like the rest of the world, I am spending most of my time deciding whether to take a nap when I am working from home. That’s a whole different topic. In early 2019, I was trying to get a chance to work with a Professor at my university. And we got into talking about […]
You probably might have heard about Paul the oracle during the 2010 Football world cup games. Paul is an octopus. You might think how was he able to predict the winners of 7 2010 world cup games by choosing food from plastic boxes which had the nation’s flag on them. Football fans might be angry […]
The Swastika is a very ancient symbol and has been around for probably 5000 years. It is taken many meanings until the last one degraded its use. This symbol had been a sign of good fortune for nearly every ancient civilization starting from the Egyptian to roman. The Ancient Greeks also used single swastika motifs to […]