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Short squeezes, gamma squeezes, and the GameStop drama
Introduction Video game retailer GameStop is up nearly 800% in the last two weeks. The story of how this happened makes for both an entertaining soap opera and an educational example of some market-making forces every trader should be aware of: short squeezes and gamma squeezes. Buckle in to learn how reddit vigilantes took on activist short-sellers […]
Greece crisis in short is about the defaults in payment to the IMF. This means that Greece economy doesn’t generate enough money to pay its debts.What is EU?EU is an union of mostly European countries established for mutual benefit of the states in terms of political and economical stability. EU aimed to have a common […]
A bank is an institution which is primarily seen as a body that accepts monetary deposits from its customers (general public), looks after their money, offer them some beneficial services such as cheque books to make payments and lends money to other public (borrowers). Now lending money to someone comes with some inherent risks especially […]
Introduction to Investment Fluctuation Reserves Investment fluctuation reserves are the reserves built up within many accumulation-style superannuation funds. The main purpose is smoothening the year-to-year returns credited to member accounts. These reserves are established by not distributing some of the investment income when fund earnings are high. When the earnings are low, the investment reserves […]
The banking system in any country in the world is the lifeline of its economy. As long as the money the banking system generates is circulated in the economy, the country will be running smoothly and efficiently. However, as soon as this money supply is stopped, it becomes a serious cause for concern. If capital […]
Banks are the institutions that deals in money and its substitutes and provide other financial services. The main function of a bank is to act as an intermediary between money surplus units (lenders) and money deficit units (borrowers). Bank also does the job of an advisor or analyst that evaluates various money deficit units so […]
Behaviour of Banks with regard to cash and BalancesTo understand the behaviour of banks with regard to cash and balances, first we need to understand what cash is how it is related with RESERVE BANK OF INDIA. Also how it impacts banks and economy.Cash Reserve Ratio is the amount of money which Banks have to […]
IntroductionRisk may be defined as an exposure to uncertainty which may lead to a favorable or unfavorable outcome. Market risk   refers to the risk of losses in the bank’s trading book due to movements in market prices. Risk taking forms an essential part of business. All businesses take risks based on two factors: the probability […]
What is Banking?Banking can be defined as the business activity of accepting and safeguarding money owned by other individuals, and for earning profit they lend this money. But as the time passes by the activities covered by banking business have widened and now various other services are also offered by banks. Banking services issue debit […]
Risks in financial sector can be defined as the amount of uncertainty in the expectation of return for an investment made. To be precise, it can be said that when an investment is made, a certain return is expected out of it, and the deviation of the return of the investment from its expected return […]